Manufactures of Liquid Liquid coalescers for chemical, solvent extraction, oil drilling, oil production, copper, zinc, and gold extraction process.  Solids removal pre and post coalescing media. Automatic media cleaning integrated into each unit on-line cleaning no back flushing required. High turbidity coalescer environments for chemical, coalescing, coalescers, solids recovery, acs, knitted mesh, woven mesh, wire rope, knitmesh, solvent extraction, produced water separations and a wide variety of other applications, est.  
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BENCO International, LLC
An Equipment and Process Technology Company
BENCO now manufactures LL coalescers, for a wide variety of applications call or e-mail us for a quote today.

Recent pilot testing on "oily water"
from an oil drilling application demonstrated an impressive oil recovery of 98% the solids encountered will be easily handled by our automated media cleaning system and collection methods.

Used and New Equipment Locator Services now available.

Equipment available, pumps, separators, mist eliminators, filtration, abrasion coatings, tanks and fiberglass pipe systems.

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Solids Testing
Tests show BENCOs wire mesh coalescing media solids handling technology continually performed at better than 83% efficiency over the 120 hours of continuous operation.

Total Suspended Solids content from 450 mgpl to 990 mgpl.  Operating conditions used in testing would normally shut down a copper or nickel SX operation, yet had no effect on BENCOs pilot coalescer used in the demonstration.  The removal efficiency of wire mesh coalescing material has long been well above 80% without the solids coating the fibers of the media.

Filtration+Separation Magazine.
Read about the proposed uses of BENCOs new coalescer design (patent pending)for the offshore drilling and production industry in the October 2002 issue.


About BENCO   |   News   |   Contact Us   |   Products and Services   |    Open Letter   |   Other Links   |   General Notices