Manufactures of Liquid Liquid coalescers for chemical, solvent extraction, oil drilling, oil production, copper, zinc, and gold extraction process.  Solids removal pre and post coalescing media. Automatic media cleaning integrated into each unit on-line cleaning no back flushing required. High turbidity coalescer environments for chemical, coalescing, coalescers, solids recovery, acs, knitted mesh, woven mesh, wire rope, knitmesh, solvent extraction, produced water separations and a wide variety of other applications, est.  
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Open letter to SX Plant Designers and Operators

RE: Liquid/Liquid Coalescers for use in the Solvent Extraction Process.

The use of coalescers in the solvent extraction industry has had limited success.  The best, at least on a continual basis in efficiency, is limited to the 50% to 70% range using corrugated coalescing material.

Total Suspended Solids content, normally around 3 to 25 mgpl with occasional turbidity events of well over 1000 mgpl, have prevented successful operation of other types of coalescers in the solvent extraction industry.

Wire mesh coalescers have extremely good removal efficiencies, long proven to be in the 85% to 98% range.  Unfortunately, these types of coalescers, while very efficient, have proved to be no match for the continual and unpredictably high TSS levels found in the solvent extraction fluid streams.  

Filtration is not practical due to the wide range of suspended solid loads on a daily basis, as well as the ongoing maintenance requirements of filtration devices.

BENCO has conducted tests using wire mesh coalescing material with our new patented coalescer design.  BENCO completed the ten-day pilot test, operating at suspended solids levels ranging from 1,500 mgpl to 600 mgpl with no appreciable rise in inlet pressure (.4 psi) and little loss of flow thru the vessel (.2 gpm).  

This new design will allow BENCOs coalescer to be online 95% of the time.  The coalescing media used in this test is expected to result in 85% to 95% removal efficiency.   As we continue into the removal efficiency phase of testing, we are extremely confident of our continued success in this endeavor.

BENCO is well aware of the issues of low maintenance and the rapid payback requirement of this industry.  For this reason, we are keeping these two key items at the forefront of our research and development of all our equipment.  With the rising cost of diluents and base fluids used in the extraction process, the efficient recovery of these items will represent a substantial cost savings.

I will continue to update this web site on our progress during the final development stages.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or write.  

Best regards

Allan C. Benson
Allan C. Benson


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